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I started training at Superior Metabolic Perfomance 4 years ago. At that time, I merely wanted to "Be Big". Over the last 4 years, my trainer and now friend, Jack Barontini, helped me to achieve a lifelong goal of mine and get on stage to compete in Amatuer Bodybuilding competition. I began my journey in January of 2011 as I began training and dieting religiously with Jack for my first show in April 2011. I stepped on stage for the first time as a novice Light heavyweight and took 3rd place. It was then that I became "addicted" to improving and sculpting myself into a bodybuilder. Its now just over a year later and I have been on stage 3 times since my first show,placing 1st in the Light Heavyeight class in the 2011 Seminole Classic and the 2012 Mid Florida Classic. The truth is, that I could have NEVER made it where I am at today without the knowledge, motivation, equipment, and support that Team SMP and coach Jack Barontini have provided me with over the past 4 years. I thank you Jack for all of your commitment, for taking my calls at 2am when I had diet questions,pushing me through training sessions and taking every step with me on my way to accomplishing my goals and dreams.

--James Shamshak 6/22/12 Age 28

“I have tried so many times and so many ways to lose weight, but had not been very successful. From our very first session, I have felt I was in good hands with Jack. For the first time, I felt as if my trainer saw me as a complete person instead of just focusing on my physical shape and abilities."
--K. Gore, age 30

“Jack helped me train for my first marathon and I could not have wished for a better trainer. I could never have gotten into this shape and would never have achieved this kind of endurance with my own limited know-how about the abilities of my own body.“
--Nathan G., age 27

“Since I cannot motivate myself, I have now been training once a week with Jack for the past two years. Now, I cannot even imagine going through a week without a training session. Thank you, Jack, for continuing to motivate me!“
--I. Wilde, age 42


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