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Coaching Record from 2011 to 2024

196 Vicories

9 Earned Pro Card

Overall Champions 18

1st Place Trophies 59

2nd Place Trophies 47

3rd Place Trophies 28

4th Place Trophies 18

5th Place Trophies 20

2016 Competition Team

Congratulations to Kinsey @kinsey_fit_ on her 4th Place Bikini B 5th Place Masters at the NPC Daytona Beach Classic.

Congratulations to Heather @hgrueber on her 2nd place placing in bikini debut and 3rd place bikini open short at the NGA Gator Classic.

Great work from my clients and Team SMP members Sean Adam @seanadam80 and Hosanna Sebastain @hosanna101  Both competed at the NPC Europa Orlando.

2015 Competition Team

The 2015 Team is forming now. Our first show is April, 11, 2015. Contact me today to get in your best shape for 2015.

From 2011 to 2015, Team SMP has 6 Overall Division Winner, 21 1st place, 21 2nd place, 22 3rd place, 9 4th place, and 12 5th place finishes and a Best Team for the FL State. 91 Total Trophies. I'm looking forward to next season.

2013 Competition Team

2013 SMP Competition Team has 1 Overall Division Winner, 7 1st place, 4 2nd place, 7 3rd place, 3 4th place, and 3 5th place finishes and a Best Team for the FL State. 26 Total Trophies. Outstanding.

2012 Competition Team

2012 Team SMP has 1 Overall, 5 1st place, 4 2nd place, 9 3rd place, 1 4th place, and 1 5th place for the 2012 Contest Season. Great work Team.

2012 SMP Events

2011 Competition Team

2011 SMP Competition Team Victories (2) Overall Champions, (6) 1st Place Finishes, (3) Runner Up Finished

2011 SMP Events


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