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Who is Jack?

Hi. my name is Jack and I am originally from Pittsburgh, PA. I grew up in a very athletic family. As a young child, I was very active in sports. My happy childhood and teenage years were shaped by sports, and I was able to achieve some regional success in the area of scooer and baseball. In between seasons, I would hit the gym to increase my strength and performance for the next season.

Once I had my diploma in hand, I headed off to Norfolk, VA to Old Dominion University. During my freshman year summer break, I competeted in my first bobybuilding competition, The Mr. Pittsburgh.  Finishing 2nd in the teenage division, sparked me to correct my errors and try again. I took 1st place in the Mr. West Virgina Classic, in the teenage division and 3rd place in the Men's Open Middle Weight Weight Class. I graduated from ODU with a BS in Finance.

After having successfully completed my university studies, I worked for different supplement companies, EAS and MetRx to name a few. Yes, I was part of EAS at the launch and part of the Body for Life Contests. I also have represented different gym equipment manufacturers as regional sales manager and still do today with the Impact Fitness Line.


I just have a special interest in working directly with people, and want to cater to each individual as much as possible to achieve change. So, I decided on a career as a professional coach in a fitness studio. There, it was possible for me to use my 30 years of knowledge to help others achieve their goals.  In 2007, I created Superior Metabolic Performance, a fitness studio that strives to be the best in the industry.


Coaching Record 2011-2017 (2) Pro Cards Earned, (10) Overall Champions, (31) 1st Place Finishes, (26) 2nd Place Finishes, (23) 3rd Place Finishes, (11) 4th Place Finishes, (16) 5th Place Finishes - 119 Trophies Awarded with 1 Overall Team Trophy 

2017 NSL 16 Atlanta 1st Place and Overall in Master Classic Physique Earingin a Pro Card

2017 NSL Orlando 1st Place in Master and Open Division of Classic Physique and Overall in Both 

2015 May 20th - Became a 5 Precent Nutrition Sponsored Athlete

2013 NPC Masrters Nationals 17th out of 32 in the Light Heavyweight Divison Over 40

2012 Southeastern USA Master Over 40 Heavy Weight Division 3rd Place

2012 Guest Poser for OCB Southern States Championships

2012 Warior Dash

2011 Tough Mudder

2011 Europa Super Show 1st place Masters over 40 Division

2011 Europa Super Show 3rd place Men's Open Light Heavy Weight

2011 Orlando Metropolin Classic 2nd Place Masters over 40

2011 Orlando Metropolian Classis 2nd Place Men's Open Light Heavy Weight

1988 Mr. West Virgiana 1st place Teenage Division

1988 Mr. West Virgina 3rd place Men's Open Middle Weight

1988 Mr. Pittsburgh 2nd Place teenage Division


Certified ISSA in Nutrtiion Since 2013

Certified ISSA Trainer Since 2007

Certified NFPT Trainer Since 1995


Have additional questions? Contact me at (407) 739-5650.

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